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Yay more toys.
November 9, 2008, 11:21 am
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My display cabinet now feels a little lonely (it needs tumbleweeds to complete the mood, though) after my mum hijacked most of my anime/vidya trading figures in my collection to put in her Christmas village.

Ha, I now couldn’t help but taste the irony every time my mom comments about my penchant for trading figures. Good thing, Ma, that you found affordable alternatives to the horrendously overpriced Lemax Christmas figurines.

I guess it runs in the blood, after all.

Feel free to play “spot the trading figure/gashapon” game.

For every loss, there is a gain. I managed to get an awesome Kihel Heim/Dianna Soreil figure from the Gundam Heroines History Special Dress set, among other dressed-up beauties Lacus, Cagalli and Relena.

With all of the girls looking good in their gowns, I really didn’t care which Gundam girl I get. However, the packaging of the Gundam Heroine stocks at Toy Kingdom Mall of Asia and Robinson’s Galleria were already opened for some reason, so I just went ahead and picked Kihel/Dianna from Turn A Gundam.

Kihel/Dianna with and without the underskirt.

I also got a mini legacy Gundam (that’s what I call Ye Olde RX-78-2, or Amuro’s first Gundam) that I got at random from the mini figure selection set. I wish I got the Tallgeese III instead, but hey, at least I didn’t get a Zaku Tank. If I did I’ll probably make Ryan reimburse me for the money spent on it (about 200 pesos) just to even things out. Haha.


For such a small figure, this one is awfully detailed.

An idle thought
October 23, 2008, 6:14 am
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When I finally get my kids (please, two girls, hopefully twins), I’ll consider it a grave crime to deprive them of the joy of playing in this sandbox. THIS turtle sandbox. If only we had a legal system as crazy as the US I would have sued my parents for not letting me exercise the right to play in this little patch of turtle happy.

(But they did dump a small hill of dirt into our backyard when I was a kid, just so I can make my sandcastles with the worms. Thanks, Dad.)

Yay, new machine.
October 10, 2008, 12:12 pm
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1. I finally got the ultraportable laptop that I’ve been drooling over for some time now, the HP Mini-note (HP 2133). I’ve been saving up for this sweet piece of gadget for some time now, but I got an unexpected boost out of my parent’s short-lived misery: the death of their hand-me-down PC that they got from my brother.

Now, while the usual solution to their dilemma is a simple sentence: “May, pahiram ng computer mo saglit,” it doesn’t work that way in our family. We’re very territorial when it comes to our own property, especially me, and my parents popping into my room from time to time to get their daily intertube dose just wouldn’t cut it.

The actual solution: “May, bilhin namin ang PC pati ang LCD monitor.” The total price for my quad-core set-up, including my widescreen monitor, was just enough to net me an HP Mini-note loaded with Vista Basic.

Docomodake trying out my Mini-note, the Nintendo DS compared to the slightly larger ultraportable PC.

And gah, Vista. This is actually my first time with the latest iteration of the Windows operating system, and after one full day of using it I can safely say that it’s annoying; the way Vista always asks for my permission every time I uninstall bloatware makes me want to cram a full Windows XP installer into my flashdrive. However, I’m still willing to spend a little more time with the unwieldy OS and see if I can tinker it to my liking. I’m currently trying out Vista’s ReadyBoost using the Apacer 2GB flashdrive the guys at the MoA HP store threw in as freebie.

The HP Mini-note most certainly serves the purpose of its intended market: students. Barring the slow boot times, this small laptop is ideal for typing notes during sombre lectures with its quiet cooling fans. Despite its ultraportable dimensions, HP managed to squeeze in a normal sized keyboard (sans the numerical pad, of course), making typing on the HP Mini-note a ho-hum experience compared to the finger tinikling of the Asus Eee PC and its tiny keys.

There’s a drawback to the normal-sized keyboard – the touchpad is small, and the left and right click keys are placed at the sides. It takes fingers with the flexibility of a gymnast to navigate comfortably using the proprietary touchpad; if you’re planning to play flash games on this thing (or in my case, Ragnarok Online), you’d be better off getting a cheap optical mouse from CD-R King.

All in all, its not a bad replacement for my gaming PC, whose gaming functions are, sadly, neglected.

2. I tried renewing my SM Advantage Prestige card yesterday. My request was rejected, with the customer service rep telling me that I wasn’t able to fulfill the 300,000 peso purchase requirement within the last two years. So the reason why I I got a Prestige card in the first place was that I was able to spend 300,000 pesos two years before, I said. She answered yes.

I then wondered how the hell I was able to spend that much money in the course of two years, and how I got such an accumulated amount in the first place. Damn. 300,000 pesos: three or four Sony Vaio laptops. A big monitor, several cellphone units…gah.


I was supposed to blog about clouds…
September 28, 2008, 9:25 am
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…but since I’m too twitchy and my attention span today is of the same level as a fly’s, I’ll just post some pics taken during the GH trip earlier today, only because its more interesting for me now that I’m on land and no longer being buffeted by rain clouds that never fail to make Christians out of atheists 28,000 feet up in the air.

Yep, you saw it right. Super Smash Bros. Brawl running on a Sony PSone. The idea of playing Brawl during travel is cool. With this development it looks like I don’t have to wait for at least ten years until someone comes up with a Wii emulator for the PSP-10000.

Now unless you’ve got a parsnip for a brain you’d actually believe me and not even take into account that the pilot light below the console’s switch is turned off.

The two opposite extremes of manliness: Gears of War’s Marcus Fenix versus our beloved Fabulous-kun. I’m not saying that Itsuki is less of a man than the potty mouth who wields a chainsaw welded on a gun; Itsuki belongs to that same category of manly that Edgeworth belongs to. Marcus Fenix sorely needs to visit Belo. Fabulous-kun, on the other hand…goddamn.

A Super Mario Bros. Furuta Chocolate Egg that we spotted in the same store we bought Marcus Fenix and Fabulous-kun. I was tempted to get the whole set, but seeing that the box that I got contained a square egg of FAIL I was momentarily glad that I didn’t. Then I realized that the chocolate doesn’t matter, and I didn’t even like how it tasted anyway.
Ryan holding the dismal-looking chocolate “egg” and Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! 

June 24, 2008, 4:27 am
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Why does the wait have to take so long. T_T

I wants my pink pew pews.

*cue gnashing of teeth*

Toycon 2008.
June 16, 2008, 3:56 am
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I’m usually lukewarm to the idea of going to anime conventions, unless I’m jaded enough to cosplay myself (won’t happen anytime soon for now, though), but off I went to the last day of Toycon 2008, along with the rest of the GamerTotoy crew to cover the event.

All the reasons why I’m not so enthusiastic about cons are there, most of them setting off my rare bouts of agoraphobia. Too many people, too little space, a highly-skewed ratio between oxygen and carbon dioxide (in favor of CO2) – he had to pull me to a well-ventilated area because I was getting pale and becoming disoriented – and yes, there’s the thing where you see your fandom fantasies getting crushed and maimed and destroyed every now and then.

But it was fun. I’ll give it that.

One of our friends treated anime cons as a surefire venue where people could catch the otaku “disease” (that’s his opinion, haha), but he ended up enjoying the whole thing; though I think he enjoyed how we covered the event more than the event itself.

As always, the best thing about Toycon this year is the merchandise. Compared to other local conventions that only have Comic Alley and other mainstream anime “specialty” stores selling rip-off merchandise, Toycon usually has a bunch of decent retailers peddling quality stuff. Here are the things that I managed to get from yesterday’s raid:

First picture: Mudkip cap, Mt. Fuji plush keychain, Xenosaga Shion gashapon, Mamegoma plush with cup / Second Picture: Gothloli-style Major Arcana Tarot cards with holder

They also had other incredible stuff that I wasn’t able to get, like the Cybaster model kit – I was about to get it, but when I finally decided to take the plunge and splurge for it, Cybaster wasn’t there anymore. *sigh* They also had the Buddy Christ figure, too.

He’s happy! He’s scrappy! He’s the Son of God!