Dreaming of Dancing Burritos

Poorly suppressed power levels.
September 1, 2009, 12:22 pm
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The T and I got around to comparing our workstations earlier despite our somehow busy workdays. Behold the signs of barely (if ever) suppressed power levels:

The pic on the left is T’s, the one on the right taken with a crappy camera is mine.

…goddamn, he has a Decadriver. In the office. ONORE DI–pffft, whatever.


Work Time Fun. Or, my mind-numbing work playlist.
March 14, 2009, 3:43 pm
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For some reason I can’t load imeem’s main page at work, but I can open links to specific music or playlists in imeem.

Huh. I’ll just post my playlist here to make things easier for me in terms of applying general audio anaesthesia during work, and to give those interested a glimpse of what kind of music I listen to.

Someone said that the mix of songs in all of my playlists makes her nauseous for some reason…maybe its because they had some Korn in them.

Work Time Blargh

Installing XP via USB, wurk, oekaki.
March 5, 2009, 3:37 pm
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1. Finally got rid of Vistaids. It took sometime, but thanks to some good articles (this one did the most help), my Mini-Note is now running without any excess baggage. Speedy booting times! Minimal to no lag! D:

I’m thinking of writing my own guide on how to install Windows XP on netbooks (or any laptops, for that matter) that do not have any optical drives, since I found out that installing via USB sticks is mainly a hit-and-miss affair. It’s just that I’m either always too tired when I finally get home or simply have something else to do. :/

The one I linked above is good, but I here are some things that I learned elsewhere in the murky corners of the Net:

  • Windows XP Installers with Service Pack 3 are not recommended (SATA problems?). Install Win XP SP2 and just upgrade afterwards to SP3. However, if you’re one of the people who try out exotic XP installers (like Black, etc), you’d best buy at least four installer variants so you have back ups in case some don’t work. Custom installers have settings that may cause compatibility problems. I tried out a Black installer but it didn’t work, despite it being SP2.
  • If you can’t boot from your hard drive after a successful install and are queasy about modifying the boot.ini file, do this: just delete the boot.ini file. All you’ll get by deleting it is an error message appearing for a split-second in the booting sequence, but the machine will just right itself afterwards and load Windows. Too nervous? Back up, back up, back up.

Of course, doing a fresh install using another OS apart from the one that came with your netbook will wipe out everything, even the preloaded installer. I read that there were some ways of not wiping the partition that contains the preloaded installer, but I didn’t bother since Vista sucks and is not worth the 12GB that its installer takes up.

2.  Something work-related: Now that I’m finding myself conducting meetings (and quite possibly training, maybe), everything feels like my skin is gradually feeling, responding to the large bucket of ice-cold water dumped over my person. I think both my JT and JD are no longer just what they currently are.

I need to step up to see this curious development through. I want to read this very entry one year after today, wearing a nostalgic smile on my lips. Perhaps I’ll even say “Ah, this is when everything picked up.”

3. I’ve started changing some elements of my layout, thanks to the (cheap) tablet that Ryan and I got (yay, pseudo-conjugal property). The first few moments I’ve had with the device were fraught with words such as “sira naman to eh!” (it’s malfunctioning!) though I eventually acquainted myself with the basics of tablet control. It’s not a mouse, for one. Or at least, it’s more precise than a mouse.

And after an hour of setting up everything, I finally made myself my first oekaki-ish doodle evar:

Not sure why she turned out like…that. Ah, well. I wanted to draw something, and a few minutes later out comes something else.

I’m like a printer that prints out documents like I should, only translated in gibberish.

Post of Elation No. 040
February 27, 2009, 7:01 am
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I’ve never felt so alive in the workplace before, despite me being pressured with several deadlines in a row and getting deprived of Chrono Trigger.

*sets her pencil case full of Staedlers, mechanical pencils, Pilot and gel pens, several erasers, correction ink, sharpener and cotton, in the office drawer*

Looks like I’m going to need these later.

You know its a bad day when…
November 19, 2008, 1:41 pm
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You walk out of your office, weary and tired after a day of utter boredom, to find that your building’s lobby is fully decked out in holiday regalia and your friendly security guard is smiling and greeting you a good evening; the night outside bearing the promise of another wonderful Christmas season, heralded by the speakers blaring out little Michael’s rendition of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”… and all you could think of is

“Damn, no wonder the Jackson family was dysfunctional.”

When life gives you lemons…
August 14, 2008, 9:20 am
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…you make onion rings and udon, of course.

In my case, I decided to make delicious onion rings and udon when I got a stress-inducing lemon. While it’s not yet scientifically determined how a tangy, sour, acidic lemon can produce yummy fish and shrimp broth, anyone can do it anyway out of sheer will.

Here’s how I did it, with Ryan’s help:

First off we made onion rings. We got a single mutant white onion, enough to yield a plateful of onion-y goodness enough for three people, and Ryan sliced it to several pungent rings. I couldn’t touch raw onions, because for some reason I have a certain…reaction to them, as long as they’re fresh.

The casualty: Ryan’s finger

In the meantime I set all the other ingredients – egg, flour, and bread crumbs – into separate bowls. Here’s how he did it, according to what Cooking Mama taught him: dip the onion in flour, then egg, and finally coat them with the Japanese bread crumbs. I noticed that the coating stripped off easily, so Ryan tried another tack: dip in egg, then flour, then the crumbs (it made more sense that way). The onion rings then had better coating.

They’re actually pretty good.

Next, we made udon. Or we cooked instant udon, to be more precise. There’s a nice Japanese grocery near my place, Shinanoya, and needless to say all the stocked items in that grocery will make any weeaboo feel at home. Hey, Calorie Mate. Wasabi nuts. Natto. Nat-chan. Calpis.

We got ourselves a double pack of wet udon noodles, and just dumped it into a pot of boiling water along with the seasoning that came with it. Then we put in a fish broth cube, sliced cabbages and carrots, and shelled shrimps (Ryan morbidly calls them flayed shrimps). We topped it all off with a (half-assedly) poached egg, and the confetti-like Noritama toppings. Profit.

(L-R) The carrots, shoddily-chopped cabbages, the ‘flayed’ shrimp

(L-R) Ryan dumping the cabbages into the pot, the finished product

What’s the lemon? There’s something happening in the office right now and yes, it’s quite an annoyance. It’s more of an annoyance than an all out “oh, woe is me” affair, but let’s not delve on that right now. Indulging in too much anger or turning emo won’t help me (or anyone) and doesn’t look good either.

You do things in style, instead of being immature, whining, and insecure. You do the right things. You do not complain and actually do nothing about the matter at hand (no, picketing isn’t tantamount to doing something). You do GAR things, not whimper like a puppy. Nevermind the fact that some puppies whine and mewl just to look cute to their respective owners.



A postscript: If I need to get crabsticks, I’ll certainly go for this brand:


June 20, 2008, 6:12 pm
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1. I’m not sure if there’s going to be a storm today in Manila, but I heard from my parents that there was a big one that hit Leyte yesterday. My father said that it will eventually pass my area, but eh, I hope it doesn’t. Here’s to hoping that the storm misses its flight.

I usually don’t mind anyway – I consider the rain as my element – but we’re supposed to go fireworks watching tomorrow, if they’re still holding the weekly fireworks display. Still, when did they ever let storms go in the way of fireworks? I remember the first Pyro Olympics held in the country. Was it three years ago, when we all got drenched in the rain while waiting for a fireworks routine to start? I vaguely remember a Pepsi-branded tent scuttling across the grounds in the midst of the torrential rain.

The fireworks were still able to fly that night.

In any case, a storm or two is good to share with someone else.

2. I’m sorry for sleeping on you again last night. You do know how much of a sleepyhead I am, so. .__. But still, will you hold me again, as I get drowned in dreams?

3. I’ve been looping a certain video at work. This one’s a sort-of guilty pleasure of mine, and I think I’m beginning to hate Taiko no Tatsujin for making me hooked to tunes of franchises I usually wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. But still, am happy, since it’s not all the time that I find music that I somehow find…palatable.

The song in the video below, Agent Yoru wo Iku, is taken from the IDOLM@STER franchise. Yes, the very same IDOLM@STER that caters to rabid male otaku who probably rub themselves against love pillows of their favorite female anime characters at night. I think I’m hating myself right now, but I can’t help but love the tune.

This video below is my favorite version so far, with the angelic Azusa Miura (the one with the long hair). Did I say that I like Azusa? I haven’t yet? Well there, I like Azusa. Makoto’s deep vocals serves as the perfect foil to her sweet voice, so…yeah. Just watch the video before I ramble on.