Dreaming of Dancing Burritos

Jesus Christ, it’s about time.
May 15, 2009, 8:35 am
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Thursday evening, between sleep and wakefulness.
March 27, 2009, 3:17 am
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Almost midnight. Several hours into the game, and you’re already doing your second lengthy dungeon run in that single session. You’re lying down in front of the TV, head propped up on two plump pillows, with feet resting on the slightly warm PS2. You can feel the console’s almost imperceptible trembling as its laser read the contents of the game disc from time to time.

At this point your fingers are now on auto-pilot, knowing which buttons to press and the order on how they should be pressed to surf through the menu effortlessly as your tiny people in the TV did your battles for you. At first you dedicate a minuscule part of your thinking processes to consider your next move while battling Shadows. Pressing down, down, X brings you to the Persona page, where you select your newly-acquired Persona and use it in battle. You do this so you can register its card in the Velvet Room.

About an half hour (or more, you could not tell anymore) later your eyes feel heavy and your body wants to assume the fetal position that it usually takes during sleep. But you want to forge on through the dungeon – you want to know what would happen in the following days, whether someone else appears on the Midnight Channel, or if you passed the first midterm exams in the tiny virtual world.

So you did. Your hands still cradle the controller, fingers – which already developed minds of their own – dancing on the buttons, waiting for your decisions no longer. Your eyes remain trained on the TV screen, but are focused no longer.

Eventually you encounter a fox in one of the red-carpeted rooms, and it’s looking up at your character with its sly yet coy half-smile. As you notice the small hearts printed on the fox’s frilly apron you hazily wonder, in the back of your mind, whether or not the animal is a pooftie.

You tentatively reach out a hand and touched his fur, and suddenly you notice an unrecognizable scent of a subtle yet consistent, flat quality. Your mind is in a haze; you cannot tell if the scent came from the strange fox.

Then you hear a knocking on your door, and you try to turn your head towards the noise but instead you feel your body jolting mildly – suddenly your mind and your awareness are back in your room, and you realize that you were not running your hands on the fox’s fur but instead remained cradling your controller. You also realize that the knocking on the door which snapped you back to reality wasn’t real as well.

With great effort you sit up and reach behind the PS2 to switch off the console, and with shivering fingers press the power switch of your TV. Staying in that narrow border between sleep and wakefulness never failed to make you feel utterly disoriented.

Then you pick up your DS and booted up Space Invaders Extreme 2.

Work Time Fun. Or, my mind-numbing work playlist.
March 14, 2009, 3:43 pm
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For some reason I can’t load imeem’s main page at work, but I can open links to specific music or playlists in imeem.

Huh. I’ll just post my playlist here to make things easier for me in terms of applying general audio anaesthesia during work, and to give those interested a glimpse of what kind of music I listen to.

Someone said that the mix of songs in all of my playlists makes her nauseous for some reason…maybe its because they had some Korn in them.

Work Time Blargh

Cold Turkey.
March 10, 2009, 6:05 am
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Slashers are impressive these days. One managed to cut through my bag even while I was hugging it close to me on my lap and took my DS and eyeglasses. While the nature of their skills is less than admirable, their deftness is actually enviable.

Here’s a short list of the things I lost that mattered to me  :

  • DS Lite
  • Monster Bag (a cute pouch I bought off David that I use as DS softcase)
  • Frog charm
  • Mosquito coil charm (yeah, one of them WTF keychains that I like so much)
  • NDS game saves

My game saves. Losing them hurt a lot; I used to back them up regularly after my Phoenix Wright: Justice For All save got corrupted at some point, then I eventually slacked off since I didn’t get any problems after that. Damn, there go the 50+ hours that I clocked into Chrono Trigger, the advanced and difficult stages that I managed to unlock in Space Invaders Extreme. All the stages, mini-games and toys that Ryan and I unlocked in Rhythm Tengoku Gold.

I wonder what other (virtual) irretrievable things are lost.

In any case I’ll get another DS Lite when the next payday rolls along; I actually considered getting a DSi but I decided to hold back – despite knowing that Acekard 2i works almost flawlessly – because I’d rather wait for an Asian or US unit with English system menu texts.

I can always do what Ryan does – sell off the current unit and buy a new one. He makes it look so easy.

My Chrono Trigger save ;O; It hurts. And no, I won’t consider downloading a perfect game save from the nets – it’s not my game.

Then I shrug, and life goes on. I’ll just plow through again – at least I know where to go for the most part in the game. And I have to get reunited with my beloved Nuus.

Ken Ishii vs FLR – SPACE INVADERS 2003
March 1, 2009, 2:17 pm
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I think I died a little inside.

Gato’s song.
February 22, 2009, 10:17 am
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Oh, no, I have lost ♪
And it seems you’ve won ♪
Here are your 15 points ♪
Now wasn’t that fun? ♪
It’s okay to beat me up because I’ve no heart, and all I’m made of are metal joints. But I will sing my song about how it is alright to beat me up for the sake of a shortlived prize – and I will do so with all of my (non)heart, with utter relish.
Enjoy your 15 points.


Noby Noby Boy makes me want to buy a PS3 for a 5-dollar game.
February 17, 2009, 4:02 am
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I’m sorry for pushing you into selling your PS3. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.


…can you buy one again?