Dreaming of Dancing Burritos

November 23, 2008, 1:40 pm
Filed under: appreciation, sentimental, toys

One of the things that I like about every holiday season is the abundance of bazaars held in World Trade Center (and now, Mall of Asia’s SMX). I’m usually claustrophobic – I hate crowded, noisy places, even anime cons – but when it comes to places like Divisoria and the aforementioned holiday bazaars, there’s no such thing as too crowded for me.

Not when the place is filled to the brim with free food tastes, as well as wonderful, unique, and hard-to-find items. Mostly items whose true worth can only be measured in terms of how much they weigh in the hearts of those who behold them. Items such as this one:

The Shokupan plushie opens into a book with soft cloth pages and a bookmark (right).

One of the booths in this weekend’s Christmas Celebrity and Charity Bazaar in WTC primarily sold original products imported from Japan. One of those items is the Shokupan-kun plush from Sanrio’s Pankunchi IP.

The small booth was crammed full with other ultra-cute things such as dolls, strange keychains and pencil toppers; as well as stationery and Sanrio-branded bags. The Shokupan-kun caught my eye immediately, however, and the booth’s attendant must have noticed me because she said “it has such an inviting smile, doesn’t it?”

I just smiled, and held Shokupan-kun as I browsed through the other merchandise. I’ve been always such a sucker for the Japanese brand of cute, especially when it comes to anthropomorphic representations of everyday items done the Japanese way, such as Tissue-san.

I decided in the end that apart from Shokupan-kun, everything else if of the usual fare for me – even the kigurumi octopus Hello Kitty pencil topper. The booth attendant gave Shokupan-kun for a mere pittance: 150 bucks.

She had a funny look to her face when she placed the plush book in a Hello Kitty plastic bag, and said something along the lines of: “you know, the only other Shokupan-kun that we have was already sold yesterday. I’m actually sad that we’re going to sell this, too. I like this so much.”

“Don’t worry, I’m going to take good care of it,” I said as she handed the toy to me, along with my change. I couldn’t help but notice the way she handled the package so reverently; it was as if she entrusted her child to my care.

Thinking about it, I don’t feel that Shokupan-kun is worth 150 pesos. The plush book – along with the booth attendant’s affection towards it – is nothing short of priceless. I only hope that my fondness for this special item would do it justice.

Speaking of priceless collectibles, Ryan managed to get an awesome Tron Bonne (variant) from the SR Yujin Namco X Capcom set in SM North about a week ago. He told me that he got it for two tokens instead of the usual three (you can tell if it’s priced at 300 yen), apparently because the set was getting ignored for quite some time now and SM decided to put it on sale.

Tron Bonne variant with a Kobun/Servbot as her chair instead of a bolt in the regular version. She holds a screwdriver, a detachable accessory (right).

Ignored? The Namco X Capcom set? I’m not really that surprised, since most of the characters are from PSX-era games such as Regina of Dino Crisis, Tron Bonne and Roll of Megaman Legends, as well as pre-MILF Sophitia of Soul Edge. Probably the only character instantly recognizable from this set is KOS-MOS. Shame, really.

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