Dreaming of Dancing Burritos

I was supposed to blog about clouds…
September 28, 2008, 9:25 am
Filed under: appreciation, fangirl, gaems, toys

…but since I’m too twitchy and my attention span today is of the same level as a fly’s, I’ll just post some pics taken during the GH trip earlier today, only because its more interesting for me now that I’m on land and no longer being buffeted by rain clouds that never fail to make Christians out of atheists 28,000 feet up in the air.

Yep, you saw it right. Super Smash Bros. Brawl running on a Sony PSone. The idea of playing Brawl during travel is cool. With this development it looks like I don’t have to wait for at least ten years until someone comes up with a Wii emulator for the PSP-10000.

Now unless you’ve got a parsnip for a brain you’d actually believe me and not even take into account that the pilot light below the console’s switch is turned off.

The two opposite extremes of manliness: Gears of War’s Marcus Fenix versus our beloved Fabulous-kun. I’m not saying that Itsuki is less of a man than the potty mouth who wields a chainsaw welded on a gun; Itsuki belongs to that same category of manly that Edgeworth belongs to. Marcus Fenix sorely needs to visit Belo. Fabulous-kun, on the other hand…goddamn.

A Super Mario Bros. Furuta Chocolate Egg that we spotted in the same store we bought Marcus Fenix and Fabulous-kun. I was tempted to get the whole set, but seeing that the box that I got contained a square egg of FAIL I was momentarily glad that I didn’t. Then I realized that the chocolate doesn’t matter, and I didn’t even like how it tasted anyway.
Ryan holding the dismal-looking chocolate “egg” and Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! Hi, I’m Daisy! 

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